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Beta RR 50 Motard White/Red

Beta RR 50 Motard White/Red
A real motorcycle For any youngster eager to ride a real motorcycle, the Beta RR 50 has always been a dream bike. This is a ’50 cc runabout’ in terms of engine displacement only. Everything else is top-of-the-range: assertive styling, features normally seen on bigger-engined bikes, top-class finish, a perfect mix of maneuverability and stability plus superb riding ‘feel’. RR 50 Motard The standard version features classic, traditional components which give it a meticulously designed finish. A competitive price/quality ratio is combined with uncompromising performance. Although an entry-level bike, it is also available with dual colors (black/red), has a fuel-oil mixer as standard, black 5-spoke alloy wheels, a unified single-key security system(for ignition, steering lock and fuel cap) and passenger grab rails incorporated in the rear plastic body.
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Betala 1025kr / månad
Bank: Wasakredit
Längd: 36 månader
Startavgift: 495:-
Aviavgift: 45kr / månad